Meaningful services, efficient software and must-have products that strike the best possible balance between your goals and the needs and demands of your customers. Here’s how we do it.

Research & Strategy

We provide customer and business insights that help you make the best possible choices for your business. When your products and services need to solve a specific problem for a specific target group, we help you define goals, develop strategies and plan road maps to get you there. Our areas of expertise include:

Customer insights

Comprehensive and easy-to-use packages made to drive change. Based on observations, interviews and analyses.

Usability evaluations

Move on from guessing to knowing! By testing services on real customers, we identify pain points and redesign them into pleasures.

Business strategy

Let’s get you that position in your field that you long for – from strategy to roadmap and all the way to reality.

Trend & competitor analysis

Trends and patterns in your target communities will keep coming and going. By understanding them, we help your service stay relevant.

Service design

A successful service needs to work across all user touch-points. We help you create a brand new service, or improve an existing one, through co-creation and user involvement throughout the design process.

Experience mapping

A service needs to be great on all customer touchpoints. We identify today’s painpoints and help you prioritise your efforts.

Service ideation

Based on field studies, customer journeys and experience mapping we ideate new or improved solutions to deliver an outstanding service.

Conceptual design

We detail and embody ideas into concrete physical or digital touchpoints through conceptual design, scenarios and concept illustrations.

Physical prototyping

We create physical prototypes that allow you and your customers to explore new ideas in real life.

Digital design

We create business building design that’s custom made for your target group – whether you need design for web, mobile, software or robots. Or any platform that may emerge in the digital future. We bring your strategy to life through:

Impact mapping

We know your service will bring value because we drive projects towards both business goals and user needs.

Interaction design

The devil is in the details. From information architecture and navigation to micro interactions we craft intuitive user experiences that make people happy.

Graphical design

Visual communication is so much more than just looks. Let’s make every piece of your brand enjoyable and with that straight-to-the-gut impression.

Content strategy

We make the words work for your business all the way from your key messages to the very letters on the buttons on your website.

Our global research resource

We work with talented UX friends on every continent. We have extensive experience of organising and managing international research projects, including site visits, remote usability tests and partnering with local agencies.

As members of the International UX Partners network we frequently team up to efficiently deliver research projects in a country or variety of countries. So, when your project goes global, you’ll only need one point of contact – us – and we’ll deliver all the insights about your target markets in one comprehensive, easy to manage package.