We work closely with all our clients to improve their service and offering. Here are some of the things we’ve been wrapping our heads around recently.

Redesigned, responsive Viasat Nordic websites

Our brief: reduce customer support costs, increase online sales and customer retention. The result: an easy to use, inspirational online experience with an engaging purchase flow and improved support function. The work: design and testing of detailed prototype sites in four countries, quickly turning real life insights into improvements.

Helping Axfood make loyalty count

When Axfood planned the launch of a new, digital loyalty programme, their primary objective was to enhance the customer experience. So we focused on how to best support customers at different points throughout the process of planning, buying and cooking their food, to create a mobile, cross-channel service. The result? Sales jumped and six times the expected number of customers enrolled.

Managing Hollywood

How do we make room for artist creativity and film project manageability in one tool? Keeping track of everything from visual effects to team collaboration in large film productions is no walk down the red carpet. The complexity of the Ftrack production-tracking tool would, for many, be overwhelming. However, our talented team worked together with users and Ftrack’s experts and succeeded:
“The response to our new, efficient and clean design has been tremendously positive,” says Mattias Lagergren, Ftrack developer.

Some of our clients