A great deal has changed since we started out in 2001. But our passion for useful, usable and relevant design still lies at the heart of everything we do.

Relevant experience

The customer. The business. That’s where our focus always lies. When we‘re customer-focused, together with our clients, we obtain a deep understanding of where our clients’ business goals and their customers’ needs meet. That’s where the relevant experience is, and that’s what we’re designing for.

Our proven, flexible design process

When we start a design project, we usually don’t know exactly what we’re going to make. Although we’re dead sure what we should accomplish and that it’s going to be brilliant. Our method is both proven and flexible because we’ve spent many years refining and sharing the most efficient design methods there are.

Long-term relationships

Antrop started with four friends and a desire to change things. We realised that our ability to capture customer insights would have a huge impact for businesses. If we could show businesses the improvements they could make for their customers and their business simply through design, they would want our help. Fortunately, we were right.

Today, we’re proud to have long-term relationships with H&M, Tradera, Scania, Viasat and many other exciting, dynamic clients. And yes, the four founders and senior UX pioneers, Erik Hammarström, Erik Markensten, Martin Gustavsson and Mattias Mårtensson, are still close friends.

Looking for outstanding talent

Do you have a passion for design? And for people? Do you thrive on developing clear, intuitive design that solves everyday problems? Then there might just be a place for you at Antrop. We’re always on the lookout for outstanding new talent. Give us a call, let’s set up a meeting – we’d love to meet you.